Risks of injury


Oskar after a fight with a fox. It happened not in the hunting ground, but on a normal walk in the surrounding. The fox was in a corn field, nobody noticed it besides Oskar. After having consulted the veterinarian and  having provided its wounds, Oskar was springing through the garden as if there never had happened anything. 

Of course there are more risks of injury for a hunting dog than for a normal house dog, especially for such a courageous dog, who hunts all kinds of game fearlessly. Certainly we don't endanger our dog thoughtlessly. Until today this was the first and only big injury. As we see Oskar more as a family dog and as we would like to enjoy our dog, we don't wish to be equipped with needle and twine to provide its bite and lacerated wounds ( this is what often is asserted of hunting terrier owners ). Of course the hunting terrier is not suited to a quiet boring home life, this contradicts its nature. You have to find a good compromise.

dogs wearing a protection vest

Picture: from Barry Crosswhite, Nikita und Ruby fighting 
a wild boar 

In the USA hunting dogs often wear protection vests 
when they hunt a wild boar. Through that injuries 
of neck, backside and stomach should be prevented. 
A real good idea ! 
Picture: from Barry Crosswhite, Braun after having 
fought a porcupine for 10 minutes 
No funny picture, what happend: 

In December 2002, Barry wrote : 

I had something horrible happen to Braun last week. He went to ground and pulled out a porcupine after 
about 10 minutes of fighting it in the ground. I rushed 
him to the vet. They sedated him and pulled out 
over 2,000 quills. The vet said it was the worst case 
he has ever seen. 

Unbelievable, but typical for a Jagdterrier, in two 
days Braun was back to his normal self.

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